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Instrusol® AF + is a highly effective instrument disinfectant for the reprocessing of industry-standard medical and surgical instruments, as well as thermally sensitive anaesthetic accessories and rigid endoscopes, either by an immersion method or in an ultrasonic bath.
1For all applications where medical instruments are reprocessed by the use of immersion procedures and in ultrasonic cleaning systems.
1Always follow the usage instructions and reprocessing guidelines offered by instrument manufacturers;
2note in particular information about the preparatory steps to take, cleaning and disinfection, rinsing and drying, and storage.
Product Properties
1High-performance concentrate
2Aldehyde- and phenol-free
3Bactericide, yeasticide, tuberculocide
4“Limited virucide” rating
5Listed by the German Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH)
Active substances in 100 g:
5 g alkyl dimethyl ethyl ammonium ethyl sulphate,
1 g polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride,
1.8 g cocospropylene guanidinium diacetate
Shelf life
13 years (see label).
2Shelf life after breaking seal: 12 days.
3Keep container tightly closed.
4Warehousing and storage under standard storage conditions (protect from moisture, direct sunlight, heat and frost).
Reprocessing instructions
Immersion method
Immerse instruments after use. All surfaces and cavities must be covered and/or filled. Remove instruments, rinse thoroughly with water and dry.
Ultrasonic bath
The prescribed frequency range and the prescribed disinfection duration must be maintained.
Water temperatures above 45 °C are to be avoided.
Product changeover
Instrusol® AF + is not compatible with disinfectant products containing aldehyde.
On first use and when changing products, instruments and accessories, baths, reprocessing equipment and any application aids used must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed off.
Instrusol® AF + ready-to-use solution is protein-resistant and can be used more than once if required.
The ready-to-use solution is usable for up to 7 days if instruments immersed are properly pre-cleaned.
If clouding or visible contamination occurs, we recommend renewing the ready-to-use solution earlier.
1As a ready-to-use solution, Instrusol® AF + is not a hazardous formulation according to the German Ordinance on Hazardous Substances.
2The ready-to-use solution is not caustic.
3However, we do recommend taking the normal safety precautions for handling chemicals and wearing the usual kinds of protective clothing.
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