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Finessis® Corium®
FLEXYLONTM I WITHOUT ACCELERATORS I SYNTHETIC SURGICAL GLOVES Finessis® Corium® is the glove that guarantees the highest tactility for double gloving and micro-surgery. It is designed to provide improved tactile sensitivity. Corium® is perfect as an underglove for maximum comfort without losing any of its grip. Combined with the Finessis® Zero® for a perfect fit, the Finessis® Double gloving system provides an impermeable barrier to any surgical application.
REF number: 90246-90249
Special features
1powder-free surgical glove according to DIN EN 455
2Protective glove according to DIN EN 374
3WITHOUT accelerators
4best AQL in the industry (AQL = 0.10)
5made from FLEXYLON™ (coating technology)
6smooth surface
7high wearing comfort with improved tactility
8high electrical resistance
9anatomical fit
10Size: 6-9
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Finessis® Corium®
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